Sunday, April 12, 2015

A 2015 Fairy House & Garden ~ Part 1

Happy Spring, Everyone! 

 In our part of the world, truly "Spring-y" days are few... 

 we seem to go from cool enough to need the heat on 

 to hot and humid (especially humid) enough to need the air-conditioning on...

Often within a matter of days of each other,

 and sometimes back and forth, frustratingly!

 We already had to turn the AC on a few days ago. 

 Even so, it really is still Spring, and I think it's high time 

to start a couple of new "Fairy/Faerie Houses & Gardens"

beginning with my vintage kettle garden as the setting...

 Here we go!
 photo 113_zpsqjqveyn3.jpg

"Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems."

Rainer Maria Rilke ~ 1875-1926

The Fairy Garden has already "started" itself...thanks to perennial herbs!

What would I do without perennials, those "poems" the Earth knows by heart?

I wonder if I would have the incentive to go out and buy everything new,

every year. I just don't know. But when I see these hardy little plants valiantly

popping up year after year, always fuller and more abundant than the previous season,

I want to go straight to the garden center to find more to add to them;

always loving the discovery of new perennials, but also choosing colorful

annuals to add to the mix, as well.

So far, the kettle has been taken over by Lemon Balm (left, and at the base),

Chocolate Mint (almost everywhere else!), and Japanese Painted Ferns.

 photo 112_zpsbpxqbbu7.jpg

I placed my little dried gourd (more on that later) in the kettle, just to see...

As much as I hate removing plants, some pruning is going to have to

happen here, if I'm to have little paths and a setting for the house!

 photo 114_zpse8pqqj9j.jpg

Making paths....

 photo 115_zpswat2kruf.jpg

So far I've purchased one Rosemary plant, the annual Lobelia (such a pretty blue!),

and a wonderful little (hopefully perennial, as it says) ground-cover,

 Leptinella, this particular one called "Platt's Black Brass Buttons"...

Doesn't it look for all the world like tiny Faerie ferns??

I'm going to plant these in the kettle and see how much space that leaves...

more on this before too long!

 photo 119_zpsxwkkuiih.jpg

In another part of my garden, a true Heirloom plant ~

this particular one is a division of the mother-plant brought home by my Grandpa,

a rural mail-carrier, in the 1930s.

(Isn't the fact that it is that old just amazing? This was the Depression, and

people didn't buy plants like we do now...almost all ornamentals were

"pass-along" plants...)

Grandpa had seen it blooming somewhere along his route,

possibly someone gave him a "start" of it...but since it is most often

found in woodland areas, it was probably just something he saw along

a fence-row or roadside ditch.

 photo 116_zps5l28gi6g.jpg

Grandma called it "Spice Bush", for its clove-y, slightly carnation-y

fragrance, and for years that's what I called it as well, not being able

to properly identify it...then a couple of years ago with help from a nursery

that specializes in old-fashioned and woodland-type plants,

I finally found that it is actually "Clove Current".

Mystery solved!

 photo 117_zpslom3qrjz.jpg

It's kind of sprawling and not the type of plant you would normally

look for to add beauty to a landscape (it's rather non-descript when not blooming,

something you might see growing along a creek-bank), but I love it.

(To read what the Missouri Botanical Garden says about it, click here.)

 photo 118_zpssfftcxnk.jpg

More soon!



Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Late Winter Project...

 photo 20150208_165533_zpstsa0z72q.jpg

Everyone brings me pine cones (for my Faerie House roofs) ~

A LOT of pine cones...

I'm not complaining... I love them, and can't resist picking them up myself, still!


So, when I saw this on Pinterest (it's been a while), I did a mental "file-away"

and decided it would be a nice, easy project ~


Here goes... "Frosty" Pine Cones

Pine cones
White Acrylic Paint/Old Brush
White Craft Glue 
Epsom Salts
 photo 1_zpsksyspxxu.jpg

Brush the tips of the cones with white acrylic paint and let dry.

 photo 2_zpsg2gyy4kc.jpg

Then brush over the white acrylic with craft glue;

(I think the original directions said to just used the paint as "glue",

but it really isn't sticky enough) ~ then roll in Epsom Salts.

That's it!

 photo 3_zps5osxonet.jpg

What do you think....Yes?

A "keeper" for next Christmas/Winter?


Keep warm, everyone!


Saturday, January 31, 2015

"Inspire Your Heart with Art" Day!

Hello there!

Can you believe it's almost February??

High time for a post!

A few days ago I was contacted by the daughter of one of my

favorite artists, Patience Brewster...

(Notice that little tea-towel back in the December post?

LOVE Patience's whimsy!)

Would I care to participate, along with other bloggers,

 in a day of telling what inspires me?

In particular, the Art that Inspires my Heart?

Why, absolutely...I would be delighted!

 photo gourd1-1_zpsdilse4vq.jpg

Since writing about my own"arty-stuff" is the norm for me,

I wanted to celebrate some amazing artists who

continually inspire me...

 photo leo1_zpsnkq9rsmu.jpg

Leo says, "Excuse me...

You mean this isn't going to be a post about


(Leo manages to position himself between me and whatever I am

painting quite often...)


I'll begin with my dear friend Wendy Mullen,

who has just finished her fourth book ~

this time a wonderful novel...

No spoilers, but if you love Anne of Green Gables,

you will LOVE Wendy's book...

It is a Kindle Edition  ~ (I  thought I was temporarily out of luck... 

then I found out that you can download the Kindle app, free!) 

...I know, I'm behind the times!

 photo wendy5_zpsdrz8tfui.jpg

You can check out Wendy's wonderful website  ~

and get the link to her book(s) on Amazon there as well.

 photo IMG_7185_zpsugslm6ws.jpg

In Wendy's book, "Back to Green Gables", one of the characters

has a wonderful shortbread recipe...

 photo IMG_7170_zpsneao08iz.jpg

Now, this isn't my recipe to share,

but I can post a little "teaser" here!

 photo IMG_7197_zps0hnahko4.jpg

I had such fun making this shortbread...

and, if I do say so myself,

it was divine...!

 photo IMG_7192_zpskgqwuc51.jpg

(Wendy, check out this "Mermaid" spoon from 1904...(engraved on the back)...

it could have been used at Green Gables!)


Next, my other friend, Wendy...(aka Golders) ~

Tell me, now, how many can say they call TWO lovely "Wendys"

their talented friends? ~ Quite fortunate, I am!


This is the fourth time that one of our "critters" (sorry, Leo, I know you are

really a little man in a cat-suit) ~ has been honored to have been included in

Golders' Animal Art Calendar...

 photo golders1_zpsqbuhtffm.jpg
 photo golders2_zpsgkzzggli.jpg

Okay, I know that Front Porch Toad wasn't technically OUR critter,

but we did enjoy "claiming" him for the summer...

Here he is, all dapper in his shamrock-sprigged bowler, as Mr. March ~ ;)

Golders' fine calendar ~ and much more animal art ~ can be found here ~ 

and here ~

 photo crow3_zpscim09rgv.jpg
 photo crow1_zps6igu4rnv.jpg
 photo crow2_zpshdyheyez.jpg

I asked Golders specifically for some examples of her fabulous

CROW art...("Sparkly Crow" that I am myself...) ~

aren't they wonderful?

 photo puffin1_zpsmpdfuxse.jpg
 photo puffin2_zpsb6emhkbb.jpg
 photo puffin3_zpsmxsikgse.jpg

And her latest work... soon to be available in her Spoonflower shop,

these handsome watercolor Puffins..."Ahoy there, Matey!"

Check out Golders' delightful fabric designs here...

 photo Crowchest1_zps26iw6qhq.jpg
 photo crowchest2_zps7mxmtexa.jpg

Leo says..."Hey, I knew this would end up being a cat post!! 
...and just look what's coming up! I knew it..."


From the Pencilvania studio of my friend Karen Vesk,

her "fine art/fun art"... here, featuring the lovely Heather!

 photo CatHeatherCandyStoreWeb_zpsnzlvq9jy.jpg

Karen's art absolutely delights and inspires me! 

Heather and her Mousie friends are sublime...the expressions, the details!

My favorites here...the goldfish-lollipops, and the contemplative look

on the face of Heather's sous-chef as he surveys the pan of chocolate mice... ;)

 photo CatHeatherDontSwatWeb_zpsuxdrxntu.jpg

Too, too cute...(and Heather is obviously taking this "self-help"

 volume to heart...) 

 photo CatHeatherDuchessWeb_zps9pm25xvi.jpg

Oh, Heather...the shoes...the jewels...♥

 photo Heathercollage_zpsh2wbifdb.jpg

Love, love, LOVE!

Heather has single-pawedly inspired my own kitties to model for me...

they've learned from the best!


Multi-talented Karen also creates amazing jewelry from the

beach-glass she collects near her home...

 photo seaglassjewelrycollage_zpsipjnfnqz.jpg

All of Karen's artworks and links to her shops can be found at her

site ~


And last but not least, my dear friend Elaine...

she is so wonderfully talented in so many ways!

Here are two of her more recent creations, a fanciful little

Witch, and a sweet, swaying, "Mele Kalikimaka" girl... both gifted to me.

 photo elaine1_zpsletnj43o.jpg
 photo elaine2_zpsmbxsqrlz.jpg

Elaine also does beautiful crochet-work, makes jewelry, 


(I want to hook rugs!!)

 photo gourd1_zpsnkhu8q2p.jpg
Finally, a couple more of my fanciful, Faerie-tale inspired

Art Gourds...commissioned by my kind Tennessee friend who encourages me

to think "out of the box"...

Here we have Alice; this time she is visiting in Africa ~ ♥

 photo gourd2_zpsxmeqaw9s.jpg
 photo gourd3_zpsh7xldma2.jpg

And a work still-in-progress, Cinderella.

These always end up being so much fun!


So, Patience, Marietta...this is the Art that Inspires my Heart!

♥ ♥ ♥ 

     Thank you so much for asking!...

(Patience's wonderful, whimsical ornaments can be found here...

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!



Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve!

Where, oh where,

 did 2014 go?
 photo cb1_zpseb0b1ab6.jpg

A cup of Christmas tea... (Salted Caramel by Bigelow) hits the spot...

 photo cb4_zps06d892fa.jpg

And Christmas cookies... I will tell you, I had plans to try some

intricate iced gingerbread snowflakes... was going to post the results here...

Didn't happen!

(BTW, the piece of architectural "Gingerbread" is from my Great-Great

Grandfather's house... and did you notice the sweet little Patience Brewster

"Elf-Artist" on the tea towel? How could I possibly resist??)

~     photo cb5_zps5868b8a1.jpg
My husband did, however, make his mom's recipe for "Haystacks"...
just slightly different than the usual, with the addition of mini marshmallows...
Juanita's Butterscotch Marshmallow Haystacks

1 cup butterscotch chips

1/2 cup peanut butter

2 cups chow mein noodles

1 cup mini marshmallows

Melt the butterscotch chips in the microwave or double boiler (we actually

used a make-shift double-boiler with a large Pyrex mixing cup in a pan...)

Mix the peanut butter into the melted chips and add the marshmallows

and chow mein noodles (you can also add 1/2 cup peanuts, but we don't),

coating well. Drop by spoonfuls onto waxed paper.

That's it!


My kind of recipe!

(Who am I kidding?...I don't even make this one!)
Merriest Christmas wishes and Happy New Year to you all!



Friday, October 24, 2014

A Most Fanciful Halloween Party ~ 2014

A Jolly Halloween!!

Well, almost...

A Jolly "Fanciful Twist 2014 Halloween Party"!

How about that?

 photo 4_zps6ee1b08e.jpg

So glad you got your invitation and decided to stop by!

(This sweet card was originally sent to a little girl in New York City 

for Halloween 1926.)

 photo 15_zpsde87e03b.jpg

You may leave those pinchy-shoes and your broom at the door, if you like...

Leo promises to take excellent care of them...

(He wants to know if he could take your broom for a few spins around the

backyard...he can drive a stick, he says...)

 photo 9_zpsb666e8cd.jpg

Make yourself at home!!

One of my favorite vintage decorations...

(because I am a vintage little girl) ~ the little pumpkin given to me by my Grandma when I was TWO!

That's fifty~....Ummm...that was a few years ago.

I'm so glad my Mom took excellent care of him for me until I was

old enough to appreciate the "keeping"of him... :)

(There I am with the pumpkin in the little photo.)

 photo 14_zps4a75a19a.jpg

Cyrus is ready...

 photo 13_zps4033a6c8.jpg

So are Leo and Tallulah!

 photo 11_zps18a3e6bc.jpg
 photo 10_zpsce74d060.jpg

Help yourself!

Spider cupcake, anyone?

 photo 1_zps09f85f80.jpg

Madame Tallulah will read your palm for a mere two kitty-treats...

 photo 12_zps2e5d61d6.jpg

Yummm....'Screme Eggs!

 photo 18_zps9a1bdf60.jpg

The Singing Kitties were a gift from my dear friend Elaine last was the fabulous little Halloween Girl to the right!

 photo 16_zps13d1db04.jpg
~ wouldn't be Halloween without my little October Angel...

another present from Grandma Elphia when I was small...

 photo 17_zpsda81a32e.jpg

How about a spooky tale or two??

Nothing TOO terribly scary, of course...

 photo 3_zps7f6b7471.jpg

Ahhh, and here is our star attraction, entertainment for the evening...

the lovely diva Witchy-Poo!...

Can you tell I had a lot of fun....(TOO much fun? LOL)

with Witchy's stage and set?

Her adoring froggy-fans have thrown flowers on the stage...

 photo 5_zps1c7590af.jpg

"Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Kitty;

a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy..."

 photo 2_zpsf28f930f.jpg

The vintage fireplace surround and hearth-plate have always looked

to me like a little stage, so I made it one...."footlights" and all...

 photo 8_zps4a1b191d.jpg

...And the theatre lights go down...

 photo 6_zps35300997.jpg

Witchy-Poo takes a bow!

(See Witchy's light-adorned post to the right? This was a porch post from my

Great-Great-Grandfather's house...I imagine that he would be delighted for it

to be included in my fanciful-fun!...Or he would think his 21st Century Granddaughter

has gone completely "'round the bend'...I prefer "delighted".. ;)


Thank you, everyone, for stopping by for a little Halloween whimsy

and fun...Please be sure and visit all the rest of the revelers!

I will be away until late on the 25th, so if you are another

Halloween-Party hostess, I'll be around to visit you soon!

Happy Halloween!

(Don't forget your shoes & broom!)